Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cloth pads, redux

I've been using a mix of cloth and plastic/paper pads for several years now, and since I had a break in my line-up of Needful Sewing, thought I'd try out a new pattern with some scraps of blue flannel and some old towels.

You can find heaps of places to purchase your own versions of these online, or patterns and suggestions on how to make them. I know some people feel a bit squicked out at the thought, but we use cloth nappies (also super cute and probably much comfier) and I think they're far grosser, to be honest. With the cloth, I save money and environmental landfill space. They also feel nicer (if bulkier) and don't smell. Plus, I'm not worried about all the chemical residues on commercial pads near my delicate parts!

For myself, since I'm using a mix I traced around a commercial pad onto a piece of paper to get a pattern - then I can retrace to change the shape to suit me better, as I see fit, etc.

The only thing is that I don't have a snap-press, so I'm using sew-on press-studs. They can look a bit ugly, so I'm trying to figure out a nice way to hide the stitching behind them.

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  1. These look super cute and comfy too. I would be tempted to make some of my own if I wasn't a total moon cup convert. I can't honestly imagine using anything else now.