Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a Sneak Peek

Isn't this fabric just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

I've been super busy lately. I made something for my son to wear, but haven't really had time to take some decent pics because I've been working on this - a birthday present for a party we're attending next week.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

No-Sew Baby Blanket

For months now I've been super-keen to have a stab at a No-Sew Fringed Blanket. The bookmark has been hanging around my browser window for months - but I finally got my hands on some suitable polar fleece (thanks to a nice Spotlight sale) and fell to, this week.

I was a bit surprised that when all was said and done it really felt like it took more work to tie the fringed pieces together than if I'd sewn them. Though that may have been because my baby son thought that the scissors and lengths of fabric were VERY exciting, and had to come investigate the interesting item on the floor (and what Mummy was doing with it) every time I started cutting or tying fringe.

The end result has been posted to a friend who's expecting - the two layers of polar fleece should be fairly waterproof, as an added bonus!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adventures in embroidery

I attempted to secure some stone coloured linen-cotton blend for Ethan a while back, but bought a shade lighter than he wanted, due to the crappy artificial store lighting. So I had three metres of this lovely fabric sitting around. Some of it went to make my son's piggy tunic, after which I had some almost rectangular off-cuts.

Being the environmentally conscious crafter I am, I set them aside for future crafting possibilities. And lo and behold - the other day I was taken by the sudden desire to pull out my embroidery threads and embroidery hoop and fiddle. And what more perfect fabric could I have for an impromptu sampler piece?

Once I was done with my freehand design I was casting about, wondering what to do when I hit upon the idea of making a small pocket out of my piece of fabric - again all by hand rather than machine, as my hand-sewing really does need to be better. In the course of sewing my pocket, I decided to make a pillow of rice from the cupboard and lavender (a Christmas present from my MiL) from more scraps - again, entirely by hand.

Upon seeing the result, my partner promptly christened it a "hot pocket", as it's about the size of a pocket in a pair of pants; perfect for travelling with, or for little aches like sore wrists, knees or to fit perfectly in the small of your back. I'm now working on some more!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bananananananana Bread

You haven't been reading this blog for very long if you are yet to realise that I have a sweet tooth.
In my quest to convince myself that my sweet lustings are "healthy" I bought some bananas last week - some of which were left to brown on the counter. Thus; banana bread!

I used a sugar-free recipe from allrecipes.com, that used honey and vanilla essence as sweetener instead. I also used 2 bananas instead of 3 (since that's all I had) and threw in some choc-chips at the end instead of walnuts (because I love choc chip banana bread and alas, had no walnuts). The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it's also dairy free!

Upon reflection, I think it may have been better as a less-sweet walnutty version. I also think 1 less banana meant I should have cooked it on a slightly lower heat, as the edges got a bit burned whilst the centre was still very moist and just cooked. But it was still VERY tasty.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Returning to Cards

Cardmaking is an old favourite of mine, in the list of crafty activities. Not as intimidating as full-on scrapbooking, portable and as simple or involved as you like, I really love making cards for my friends and relatives.
So it was really nice to find myself at a cardmaking workshop last weekend, led by Kellie, who's a demonstrator for Stampin' Up!. It was a tiny party of four (not including my baby son), and we had a lovely afternoon.

It was actually the first time I've ever been to an "official", pay-for-materials-provided-get-given-a-card-recipe style of Card Party. All my prior cardmaking get-togethers have been informal You-raid-my-stash-I'll-raid-yours type of thing. It was cool to learn a few new techniques, get some new ideas and 'professional' tips (and have access to the tools that make the difference sometimes). Even if I did veer "off-recipe" and use the materials provided in my own way, a few times.

The quality of my photographs for these cards is sadly lacking.
I'd figured out the best place and time of day for optimum lighting, at our last house. I knew the gymnastic routines required to get the necessary angles for Best Photographic Record versions. And I didn't have a small, newly-mobile child acting as a distraction.

So apologies - I will continue to experiment with my location, angles and lighting, to try to find the best case scenario for this home.