Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Returning to Cards

Cardmaking is an old favourite of mine, in the list of crafty activities. Not as intimidating as full-on scrapbooking, portable and as simple or involved as you like, I really love making cards for my friends and relatives.
So it was really nice to find myself at a cardmaking workshop last weekend, led by Kellie, who's a demonstrator for Stampin' Up!. It was a tiny party of four (not including my baby son), and we had a lovely afternoon.

It was actually the first time I've ever been to an "official", pay-for-materials-provided-get-given-a-card-recipe style of Card Party. All my prior cardmaking get-togethers have been informal You-raid-my-stash-I'll-raid-yours type of thing. It was cool to learn a few new techniques, get some new ideas and 'professional' tips (and have access to the tools that make the difference sometimes). Even if I did veer "off-recipe" and use the materials provided in my own way, a few times.

The quality of my photographs for these cards is sadly lacking.
I'd figured out the best place and time of day for optimum lighting, at our last house. I knew the gymnastic routines required to get the necessary angles for Best Photographic Record versions. And I didn't have a small, newly-mobile child acting as a distraction.

So apologies - I will continue to experiment with my location, angles and lighting, to try to find the best case scenario for this home.


  1. *whine*
    those cards are gorgeous!

  2. Well, I'll just have to host a party here when you're visiting sometime! :) We can baby rassle and card-make. ;)