Friday, August 28, 2009

Australian Free Things!

Hey, the Haby Goddess has not one but TWO giveaways that close at 5pm AEST today!
Her shop has some really cute stuff (that is always changing) so is worth a look anyway (I just wish there was MORE!). But if you're in Australia, go take a gander, and enter to possibly score yourself something nice.
Me, I'd really love that hippo pattern - my goodness my love of hippos has reignited recently!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crafting Excursion!

So. Stitches and Craft Show. It was in Sydney, just this past weekend. Did you go?

I was there with (black and white) horns on, along with a carfull of friends. We all had the most lovely time. I got to meet Ethan, did a bit of embroidery at one of the free Craft Bars, went to a great motivational talk on Small Business by Quantum Compass and spent... well, less than I could have, and would have liked!
But I still came home with some awesome swag; some beaded trim for bellydance costumes, paper punchers for card-making, a stuffed hippo pattern (finally) to call my own and waaaaaay too many pieces of fabric from Amitie. You'll probably be seeing more of these babies in future posts!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A spot of Embroidery

This is part of a gift I'm putting together for someone. The pattern comes from an (accidentally - my tracing skills were challenged by the waffled fabric!) altered Badbird freebie.

You read that right, by the way; it really does say 'I poop rainbows'.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am Sew Hip

I discovered this magazine at the local newsagents' a few months ago, and have become seriously enamoured. It's a mere $10, from the UK, and is called Sew Hip.

Every issue has multiple patterns, for adult and children's clothing, toys, homewares and crafty bits and bobs. There are interviews with professional crafters, fabric and stationery designers. There's so much I cannot get over how cheap the magazine is - but then, I forget sometimes that Australia doesn't have the population to support some of the amazing artisan-focussed things I remember from my time living in London.

It's funky and youthful without having the hipster 'edginess' which can make my teeth ache. Every week now I rush to the one place I know that carries it to check for the next issue, but I'm currently dropping hints about what Santa may wish to bring me for Christmas (in the form of a subscription?). I may have to write him a letter, methinks!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Toothbrush Holder

I was itching to try my new Porcelaine 150 ceramic pen, when my eyes lit upon the sad old toothbrush holder currently doing duty in the bathroom.

This baby has a tiny hole in the bottom, ostensibly to let water out. It doesn't do that very well. It also doesn't really allow for a brush or cloth to get inside. Which means mould has started to grow. Which may account for the precarious way the toothbrushes are gathered (although it could be the razor. Mmm, I know I love beard stubble with my toothpaste! Thanks, honey!).

A dollar, an op-shop, a few washings and a baking at low heat for an hour later and a new toothbrush holder is ready for me to buy new, unbearded, un-potentially mouldy toothbrushes.

Unfortunately, my new project had a lifespan of only three or four days. My son decided it looked like an excellent thing to grab from the counter when Mummy was distracted.
And so, I'm once again on the lookout for something suitable for holding toothbrushes.