Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crafting Excursion!

So. Stitches and Craft Show. It was in Sydney, just this past weekend. Did you go?

I was there with (black and white) horns on, along with a carfull of friends. We all had the most lovely time. I got to meet Ethan, did a bit of embroidery at one of the free Craft Bars, went to a great motivational talk on Small Business by Quantum Compass and spent... well, less than I could have, and would have liked!
But I still came home with some awesome swag; some beaded trim for bellydance costumes, paper punchers for card-making, a stuffed hippo pattern (finally) to call my own and waaaaaay too many pieces of fabric from Amitie. You'll probably be seeing more of these babies in future posts!


  1. Great to hear that you enjoyed the show! Hope you have fun with your new toys!

  2. What a gorgeous haul of goodies - there is absolutely nothing wrong with overspending on fabric & craft supplies I say!!
    Thanks for supporting my giveaway :-)