Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Toothbrush Holder

I was itching to try my new Porcelaine 150 ceramic pen, when my eyes lit upon the sad old toothbrush holder currently doing duty in the bathroom.

This baby has a tiny hole in the bottom, ostensibly to let water out. It doesn't do that very well. It also doesn't really allow for a brush or cloth to get inside. Which means mould has started to grow. Which may account for the precarious way the toothbrushes are gathered (although it could be the razor. Mmm, I know I love beard stubble with my toothpaste! Thanks, honey!).

A dollar, an op-shop, a few washings and a baking at low heat for an hour later and a new toothbrush holder is ready for me to buy new, unbearded, un-potentially mouldy toothbrushes.

Unfortunately, my new project had a lifespan of only three or four days. My son decided it looked like an excellent thing to grab from the counter when Mummy was distracted.
And so, I'm once again on the lookout for something suitable for holding toothbrushes.

1 comment:

  1. Have you found the most suitable holder? There are actually many toothbrush holders out there! Just try to keep it out of your son's reach or choose a plastic one so it won't break if it falls. ;)

    Ed Hochhalter