Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am Sew Hip

I discovered this magazine at the local newsagents' a few months ago, and have become seriously enamoured. It's a mere $10, from the UK, and is called Sew Hip.

Every issue has multiple patterns, for adult and children's clothing, toys, homewares and crafty bits and bobs. There are interviews with professional crafters, fabric and stationery designers. There's so much I cannot get over how cheap the magazine is - but then, I forget sometimes that Australia doesn't have the population to support some of the amazing artisan-focussed things I remember from my time living in London.

It's funky and youthful without having the hipster 'edginess' which can make my teeth ache. Every week now I rush to the one place I know that carries it to check for the next issue, but I'm currently dropping hints about what Santa may wish to bring me for Christmas (in the form of a subscription?). I may have to write him a letter, methinks!

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