Sunday, March 22, 2009

No-Sew Baby Blanket

For months now I've been super-keen to have a stab at a No-Sew Fringed Blanket. The bookmark has been hanging around my browser window for months - but I finally got my hands on some suitable polar fleece (thanks to a nice Spotlight sale) and fell to, this week.

I was a bit surprised that when all was said and done it really felt like it took more work to tie the fringed pieces together than if I'd sewn them. Though that may have been because my baby son thought that the scissors and lengths of fabric were VERY exciting, and had to come investigate the interesting item on the floor (and what Mummy was doing with it) every time I started cutting or tying fringe.

The end result has been posted to a friend who's expecting - the two layers of polar fleece should be fairly waterproof, as an added bonus!

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