Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bananananananana Bread

You haven't been reading this blog for very long if you are yet to realise that I have a sweet tooth.
In my quest to convince myself that my sweet lustings are "healthy" I bought some bananas last week - some of which were left to brown on the counter. Thus; banana bread!

I used a sugar-free recipe from, that used honey and vanilla essence as sweetener instead. I also used 2 bananas instead of 3 (since that's all I had) and threw in some choc-chips at the end instead of walnuts (because I love choc chip banana bread and alas, had no walnuts). The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it's also dairy free!

Upon reflection, I think it may have been better as a less-sweet walnutty version. I also think 1 less banana meant I should have cooked it on a slightly lower heat, as the edges got a bit burned whilst the centre was still very moist and just cooked. But it was still VERY tasty.

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  1. Nom nom nom... great blog, Miss A! Nom nom nom...