Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Internets

three pretty fabrics I picked up, last Spotlight trip. The black with white splodges has already been turned into a maxi dress. I have BIG plans for the green, and the cream with blue and red was just so divine that I could not pass it up.
My name's Aphie and I have a problem. It's been two days since my last Spotlight visit. I said I was going for pinking shears, and I came back with a bag of stickers and stamps for card-making as well. The time before, I was going for a metre of black chiffon and found myself leaving with a bag of miscellaneous cotton prints and some knit polyester that was only $3 a metre so really I couldn't pass up such a good bargain, could I?
My fabric stash is taller than I am, and three or four times as wide. I don't have space left for all my cardmaking supplies in my cardmaking drawers.

I need help. I need an intervention.
Or maybe I just need... to craft more?

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