Wednesday, March 10, 2010

O hai thur!

..oops? by jasmeet on FlickrHah.
I do believe I jinxed myself with my new Years' resolutions, back there.
Resolve to post once a week, stop posting for two months.
Resolve to join in a Project A month checklist, feel totally overwhelmed by my list of Things To Do and sit and stare at the sewing machine, quivering slightly, for some weeks.

There has been SOME crafting and sewing going on lately, at least. My Attack of life is done with, for now. I just need to post my stuff!

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  1. Salut !
    Ah, well, ya know, it's this beginning of year thing, I believe... I can't say I've done much since Christmas sewing.
    It even took me 2 months to sew 2 two-inches velcro tabs that were the finishing touch of an otherwise completed project (that had been seating there since before Xmas. Hum).
    Somehow, I kinda wanna believe this procrastinating is just the way to a greater something... ; )
    Looking forward to seeing your "stuff" !
    Doo ramone