Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tile magnets

Seems like every real estate person and their plumber is posting "free" magnets into my mailbox, for their advertising to sit on my fridge door.
I had a huge backlog of these things taking up valuable display space - we're talking doubles and even triples, and ads for services I already use (Australia Post? I'm looking at you and your ridiculous "notepad" shaped THING) or am not likely to need for many years and really don't want reminders of (local Bevans office? Good luck ever getting my business again for anything!).

A sheet of tiles from the hardware store, some acrylic paint and a spray of trusty old clear enamel, and I have some gifts for a Wiccan friend.

The paint decided to separate a bit on the meat and it looks a bit mouldy. Maybe that's why it's merry?

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