Saturday, September 26, 2009

No, I have not done the vacuuming this month. Why do you ask?

The motto of my life is honestly "Why do Housework when there is so much else to do in the world!?" but every so often I come across a blog that makes me seriously wish I were a Domestic Goddess, capable of balancing my contented baby on one hip whilst stirring up a batch of beautiful biscuits as my Made-Just-From-Fresh-And-Locally-Sourced-Produce-Dinner was finishing cooking each evening, in my perfectly, naturally cleaned kitchen.
Soule mama is one such. Kale for Sale a recently discovered 'nother! (Though both are from the US, so their seasons are always upside-down!)

At least my kitchen is cleaned using natural cleaning products... when it's cleaned.

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  1. what is a vacuum?

    I have been to three people's houses lately that have left me feeling completely inadequate both as a mother and interior designer. Granted, none of these ladies had a two year old, (all their littlies are big) but I still couldn't figure out where they found the time to keep such pristine living areas....maybe I should have looked in their cupboards!

    I have to agree with you, though, housework needs to slot in right at the bottom of the priority list!