Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tiny Tote Free to Good Home

Spring is sprung
The grass is ris
I wonder where
The birdies is?

Going by the calendar acknowledging the equinoxes and such, Spring actually started back in early August. Because professional calendar makers just can't wrap their heads around things not following their calendars exactly, they've tricked us all into believing the season began yesterday.

So in honour of these calendar makers, the fact my birthday is a month away, and the coming Spring Equinox, here's a giveaway!

This cute little bag was one of my earliest attempts to actually complete a project. It's a little taller than A5, but about that length, with enough depth to fit a large womens' wallet, a notebook, some lipbalm, and a pen with room to spare (I know, I stuffed it with everything I usually carry to check it was big enough, when making it).

The outside is a very soft apricot-pink brushed cotton that feels almost like suede. It's all fabric, so folds down very small, and it's lined with vintage flower print cotton, too.

The flowers are acrylic felt and are actually a badge that can be removed and worn, or attached to another bag.

To win this tiny tote, please leave a comment and some way of getting in touch with you - email or a blog. For an extra entry, link to this post and tell me about it!

Entries close on the 20th September, and will be drawn on the Spring Equinox.


  1. Oh my, how sweet. I cannot resist entering the competition.

  2. What a gorgeous giveaway! Adding brooches to bags are a fantastic idea as they can then be used as accessories.
    A big thank you also for mentioning the Haby G giveaway :-)

  3. What a beautiful bag! I love it... and need to enter!

  4. Gorgeous tote! Nothing makes me happier than a teeny tiny bag. Kirsty

  5. Stephen's wife Catherine (me) has been looking for a cute little bag and that colour is just perfect.

  6. What a versatile bag, please include me in the draw.