Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I often tell people I have black thumbs and they laugh and tell me about how they have trouble with plants too. So I have to explain that I'm actually not indulging in my usual hyperbole (very much); not only have I managed, over the past fifteen years or so, to kill off assorted African violets, roses and sweet little perennials. I have managed to kill off an heretofore thriving peppermint plant. Those things don't go down easy. I once killed a cactus. To date, my thumbs have been the gardener's equivalent of a tactical nuclear strike.

So it's with some trepidation and excitement that I bought these three lovely herbs today. When we lived in a house (by which I mean "when we three humans who existed prior to the Tiny Tyrant's arrival into the world shared space with the small army of cockroaches that generations of Uni students had encouraged to flourish in the foundations of our rental") we managed to keep an herb garden of sorts going. My efforts amounted to transferring the potted plant into a flowerbed and conducting a program of benign neglect until pregnancy made even perfunctory attempts at weed-culling rather difficult, and all was left to grow as it willed.
Now that we're in a townhouse though, I'm going to have to remember to regularly water and pick back my rosemary, mint and basil. Fingers crossed?


  1. Wow. I once killed a cactus too. I thought I was the only one!
    Good luck with the herbs. If you can get them going, it's wonderful to be able to pop out to the garden for fresh odds and ends while cooking. 8-)

  2. Best of luck with the gardening. I also used to think of myself as the kiss of death, as whenever I planted a shrub, it promptly died - but this year my herb garden has been mostly flourishing. So the black-thumb thingy can revert (fingers crossed just in case!)