Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hot and Not

Thought I'd start doing Loobylu's Hot & Not every Sunday.

The weather
Apparently it's been the hottest November on record, for our part of the world. Thank goodness we got insulation finally installed, earlier this month! It doesn't stop the heat altogether, but does help some.

This cute fabric

I found it in the flat fats pile at Spotlight, from Manhattan Design Studios. I always think of red and this sort of beautiful green as "belonging" to my son - they're my favourite colours on him.

Book orders from Fishpond

I am acquiring the most amazing library of inspirational craft books. My favourites from the last haul are Zakka Sewing and Sock & Glove (yes, it's finally happened - I've succumbed to the allure of "Japanese" crafts).

Bellydance hafla
Next Saturday, wahoo! Got my tickets for myself and two friends, now to spend the week frantically making costumes!

The way the weather makes everyone cranky and tired
I hate the way we all snap at each other (even the baby is surly and prone to tantrums, lately).

The very sad state of my mint plant

Found the plant in this state, with a VERY fat, happy and fresh-breathed green caterpillar on it! Found another of the cheeky buggers on my basil, last night.

How I'm not getting enough sleep lately
I'm so tired by jpockele on flickr

Part heat, part stress, part teething baby. Of course, little sleep makes me more cranky and tired, boo!


  1. One of my friends got Sock and Glove, and it is awesome! My issue is that I don't part with my socks or gloves until they disintegrate when I put them on, so I could never get far with that book...

  2. Nemosyn, we have a whole bag (I'm not kidding) of socks with holes in various places, so I'm thinking a little bit of mixing and matching may be in order, personally!

  3. I have given you a blog award. Come by my blog ( to see it!